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Causeway Bowls Club Christmas Party 2016

By Anonymous - Posted on 09 January 2017

Causeway Bowls Club Christmas Party 2016

Members enjoying their lunch.

Report: Peter Allen
P.R.O Causeway Bowls Club

Gunfight at Causeway Bowls Club!!!

Sorry, I meant “ GET FIT” at the Bowls club!
Anyway, I hope I have got your attention, to let you all know that we; at the club , enjoyed a sumptuous Christmas meal on Friday the 9th at our clubhouse. We were spoiled with a choice of Ham, Turkey ,Lamb or Salmon followed by a delightful desert.

Having indulged in the festive feast we then had a visit from the Claus family who generously handed out presents to all participants.
As ever a raffle was held, organised by Mr Eddie Coyte, upon which some 270 Euros was collected and this will be donated to this years voted charity, “The Deise Animal Sanctuary”.