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The Mixed Winter League Challenge Cup

By Anonymous - Posted on 21 March 2017

Causeway Bowls Club v Rosslare

This competition involves clubs from Rosslare & Cork and commenced on Saturday the 11th March with your home team playing against Rosslare.

This was considered a good warm up game for the season, unfortunately we were still warming up as the match finished enabling Rosslare to give us a lesson in being prepared.

The players prior to the match

The final tally was Rosslare 3 Causeway 0
Rink 1 – 11 to 21
Rink 2 – 13 to 15
Rink 4 - 11 to 17
With an overall score of 53 to 35. So there you have it. Are we down? a little bit,but we know that we can improve and shall do so.
So ends our first match of the season. I would take this opportunity to remind members that subs are now due for the coming year, and that the A G M for the club will be held after our lunch on Tuesday the 28th March.