Causeway Bowls Club Progress to the Semi-Final of the B.L.I. Shotts Cup Competition 2017

By Anonymous - Posted on 20 June 2017

This is the third year running that members of your local Bowls Club have taken up the challenge and entered the Bowls League of Ireland National Shotts Cup Competition after being runners-up in the final in 2016 This is a knock out tournament that gives you one chance; and one chance only, win you progress, lose you’re out.
On Sunday the 18th June we entered the arena on our home green to play 3 matches against a team from St James Gate, Dublin.

Enjoy Tennis Programme

By Kevin Leech - Posted on 08 May 2017

A message from Shelly:
Huge congratulations to the 10 participants from the Carriglea Cairde service who have just finished a 10 week Enjoy Tennis programme, funded by Tennis Ireland in association with the Waterford Sports Partnership at the Causeway Tennis Club.

Over the past 10 weeks the participants have enjoyed the 1 hour sessions where they have developed their tennis skills and enjoyed a well-earned cuppa and a chat afterwards!

Last Thursday was the last week of the programme so each participant received a well deserved club hoodie, racket and a cert of completion.

Enjoy Tennis Programme

By Kevin Leech - Posted on 03 May 2017

The enjoy Tennis programme finished last week. The club would like to thank Shelly, Carriglea, Mike Lehane and Pauline Cunningham for all their organisation work for this event.

Causeway Bowls Club Mixed Winter League Challenge Cup

By Anonymous - Posted on 30 April 2017

Report Peter Allen
Causeway Bowls Club

What luck! The club captain; Mr EllisWilkins, slips in another match for us to play before our AGM and what a day it turned out to be.
Saturday the 25th March can only be described as one out of the box. A beautiful warm sunny day with a light breeze and we were prepared to take on our visitors from the ICICYMA Bowling Club from Cork, in the continuation of the Challenge Cup matches.

Mixed Winter League Challenge Cup

By Anonymous - Posted on 21 March 2017

The Trophy

Report Peter Allen
Causeway Bowls Club

Mixed Winter League Challenge Cup

WE'RE BACK! Just when you thought it was safe to buy a paper again we have returned; out of hibernation, to enthral you with the happenings of your local bowls club.
We have started the competition year with a new trophy –
The Mixed Winter League Challenge Cup.

The Mixed Winter League Challenge Cup

By Anonymous - Posted on 21 March 2017

This competition involves clubs from Rosslare & Cork and commenced on Saturday the 11th March with your home team playing against Rosslare.

This was considered a good warm up game for the season, unfortunately we were still warming up as the match finished enabling Rosslare to give us a lesson in being prepared.

The players prior to the match

The final tally was Rosslare 3 Causeway 0
Rink 1 – 11 to 21
Rink 2 – 13 to 15
Rink 4 - 11 to 17
With an overall score of 53 to 35. So there you have it. Are we down? a little bit,but we know that we can improve and shall do so.

Causeway Bowls Club Christmas Party 2016

By Anonymous - Posted on 09 January 2017

Members enjoying their lunch.

Report: Peter Allen
P.R.O Causeway Bowls Club

Gunfight at Causeway Bowls Club!!!

Sorry, I meant “ GET FIT” at the Bowls club!
Anyway, I hope I have got your attention, to let you all know that we; at the club , enjoyed a sumptuous Christmas meal on Friday the 9th at our clubhouse. We were spoiled with a choice of Ham, Turkey ,Lamb or Salmon followed by a delightful desert.

Having indulged in the festive feast we then had a visit from the Claus family who generously handed out presents to all participants.

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